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Welcome to Let It Trip. My name is Guillermina and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been working as a lawyer for many years, but my true passion, what I love the most is travelling. Not just travelling, but organizing trips for my Friends, discovering new places to go, and, mostly getting to know new people and their culture. I wouldn’t be reading a law text book in my free time, but I would definitely check out a map to find a new destination. Since I started travelling I’ve been in 24 countries and I expect to visit many more. Speaking with my friend Micaela about travelling, she gave me an idea, to write my own travel blog. I know, there are lots of travel blogs out there, but I’m going to write it with all my love for travelling, I’m going to tell stories, those stories that you can only tell by having lived them, by travelling as a traveler, shearing your time with locals, willing to get to know there customs and to live new adventures, to get lost and to find yourself by being list, to be alone and to find new companies. So let’s get to know those new places together with pictures and local music and tips about everything that worked for me and didn’t work.

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